Association of Users
of Hunting and Fishing grounds

Public Union

"Полювання... зближує нас з природою, привчає нас до терпіння, а іноді і до холоднокровності перед небезпекою."

Іван Сергійович Тургенєв

"Дай людині рибу, і ти нагодуєш її тільки раз. Навчи її ловити рибу, і вона буде годувати себе рибою все життя."

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July 21-22, HSC "Sokil", Susk village, Rivne region. More information HERE

«Civilized hunting and fishing in Ukraine is our goal»

Public Union «Association of Users of hunting and fishing grounds» was established in December 2014 to bring together users of hunting and fishing farms in order to protect their rights, freedoms and interests.

In our work we are guided by the principle of conservation of the balance in coexistence of the biodiversity and man and have such goals:

  • representation of interests of our members in government, consulting and information support;
  • promote the development of sport hunting and trophy fishing, hunting and fishing grounds;
  • environmental protection and rational use of natural resources;
  • participate in the improvement of the legislation;
  • public education in the spirit of hunting and fishing ethics;
  • exchange of game animals and aquatic resources;
  • training and learning professionals.

We invite you to join the Association as its member for the protection of common interests, sharing experiences and deepening of knowledge – together we can improve and develop hunting and fishing facilities in Ukraine!

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