Association of Users
of Hunting and Fishing grounds

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"Полювання... зближує нас з природою, привчає нас до терпіння, а іноді і до холоднокровності перед небезпекою."

Іван Сергійович Тургенєв

"Дай людині рибу, і ти нагодуєш її тільки раз. Навчи її ловити рибу, і вона буде годувати себе рибою все життя."

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About public union

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Hunting and Fishing in Ukraine, hunting facilities, fishing framework, legislation on environmental protection, hunting and shooting, fishing, fisheries, aquatic biological resources and wildlife, all directed to ensure adequate living conditions biodiversity and human.

Nature in Ukraine, her flora and fauna are known for their richness and variety that attract and fascinate both the Ukrainian and visitors from abroad. And it is obvious that in its original condition nature needs of protection and respect. The balance in the ecosystem is the key to the successful development and further enrichment of nature.

Public Union "Association of Users of Hunting and Fishing grounds" ("Association") prioritizes protection, rehabilitation, conservation and sustainable use of natural resources, especially wildlife in Ukraine as a natural resource of national importance, formation the public attitude to hunters as to people who respect and love nature and wildlife, engaged in its development, preservation and restoration.

Established in December 2014, the Association brings the users of hunting and fishing grounds together in order: to protect the social, cultural, environmental and other rights, freedoms and interests of its members, to promote and to develop the sport hunting and fishing, shooting, shotgun training, physical hardening in conjunction with recreational activities and interventions to restoration and protection of the environment of the Ukraine.

One of the main goals of the Association is the education of the members of the Association and the society according to the hunting and the fishing ethics, of respect for the wealth of nature and in strict compliance with the laws of Ukraine, and raising hunting culture in Ukraine.

We aim to share the professional experience in the hunting and fishing sphere, to put new methods into use, to help to satisfy the interests of the Association’s members and to carry out training and education of the professionals (rangers, hunters), judges and athletes in hunting and fishing sphere, training, education and exchange of hunting animals for hunting needs, provide the activity of the trophy club within the Association.

The key method of achieving the goals of the Association is in carrying out measures for the conservation, restoration, sustainable use and protection of animals, fishes and other representatives of the Ukraine’s biodiversity.

With the purpose of protecting and caring out the interests of Association’s members, it is involved in the process of improving the legislation of Ukraine. Extensive knowledge and experience of the professionals from the Association give the opportunity to help the legislative power in Ukraine to develop and to improve the legal framework for social relations in the country.

Public control is the important part of Association’s activity, because the public unions while cooperating with government authorities can monitor, prevent and combat the negative consequences of violations, including poaching and shameful attitude towards nature.

Dialogue and cooperation are the basic principles for the Association, so the users of hunting and fishing grounds can count on the support of the Association in questions around the protection and satisfaction of their rights and interests.

We believe in successful cooperation at the national and international levels, so Association keep in touch and cooperate with domestic and foreign partners, also with international hunting, fishing, and other organizations.

The exchange of experience and spreading the knowledge is the key to successful achievement of Association goals.

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