Association of Users
of Hunting and Fishing grounds

Public Union

"Полювання... зближує нас з природою, привчає нас до терпіння, а іноді і до холоднокровності перед небезпекою."

Іван Сергійович Тургенєв

"Дай людині рибу, і ти нагодуєш її тільки раз. Навчи її ловити рибу, і вона буде годувати себе рибою все життя."

Китайський вислів



Ми в соцмережах


The main goal for the activity of the Association is to protect the social, cultural, environmental and other rights, freedoms and interests of its members, to promote and to develop the sport hunting and fishing, shooting, shotgun training, physical hardening in conjunction with recreational activities and interventions to restoration and protection of the environment of the Ukraine.


Tasks and aims of the Association:

1. Spreading the ideas and knowledge to the society members, hunters and fishermen in the spirit of the hunting and fishing ethics, respect for the nature and its resources, enhancement and enrichment of natural resources, strict compliance with legislation on environmental protection, animal and plant life of Ukraine.

2. Distribution of the high quality experience in the hunting and fishing spheres, implementation of new tools and techniques of hunting and fishing economy.

3. Education and training of the stuff, including participation in training of the athletes and sports judges as well as training  of the animals for the hunting sphere.

4.  Protection the interests of users of the hunting grounds and hunters in the face of the government agencies.

5. Improving the Ukraine's legislation in the hunting sphere, animal and plant life of Ukraine, environmental protection (especially regarding the protection and restoration of wildlife, protect the interests of users of hunting grounds, hunters and fishermen, etc.).

6. Organizing and maintaining internal control for proper implementation of legislation, especialy  through the relationships with law enforcement and regulatory authorities.

7. Implementation of preventing measures and protection for the environment, animal and plant life of Ukraine.

8. Participation in the activities for the conservation, restoration and protection of animal, fish funds and other components of biodiversity of Ukraine, also taking part in the exchange of hunting and other animals for their reproduction in breeding and scientific purposes among the members of the Association.

9. Organization and holding of competition, broods, field trials of hunting dogs and other animals, exhibitions, sports and exhibition activities, hunting, fishing, tourism employment, competition in trap shooting, hunting, fisheries, environmental, cultural, tourist and recreational activities, action rifle, shooting, hunting and fishing sports, including the participation of the animals in thise activities.

10. Development of relations, cooperation, support the direct contacts with foreign and international shooting, hunting, fishing and other organizations, government agencies and local governments, entities of any form of ownership and subordination, as well as with individuals, also trough the agreements and mutual assistance under the current legislation of Ukraine.

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