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"Полювання... зближує нас з природою, привчає нас до терпіння, а іноді і до холоднокровності перед небезпекою."

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"Дай людині рибу, і ти нагодуєш її тільки раз. Навчи її ловити рибу, і вона буде годувати себе рибою все життя."

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Burning dry vegetation - Ukraine prohibited by law

Driving along the Kyiv region 04-05.04.15, representatives of civil society organizations observed the fire of dry vegetation, which is a violation of applicable laws. Do not list how many in the media on this topic hosted a variety of articles, but still burned as offenders and continue to smoke.

The consequences of crimes and offenses on to vegetation is damage or destruction. In spring burning dry vegetation may be damaged trees, bushes, grass and flowers that have started to grow, may also destroyed or disposed rannokvituchi spring plants, all kinds of which are protected by law. Smoke pollutes the air that we breathe with you. In addition, dry grass often is garbage, hazardous incineration (plastic bottles, etc.). In the contaminated territories in the air with fire and smoke fall radioactive substances carried by wind over long distances and contaminate the clean area.

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Changes to the legislation of Ukraine in the hunting and shooting

To date, legislation on hunting and has numerous gaps and inconsistencies, including on European regulatory standards specified scope. Recently, though they were trying to change legislation Ukraine in this area, but these attempts were disappointing glorious conclusion.

Public Union "Association of Members of hunting and fishing farms" writing appealed to MPs - members of the environmental committee of Parliament with a request to carry out legislative activity on optimizing these areas, as well as expressing readiness to help them in this work.

Also Association appealed to the Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine to resolve inconsistencies between the Law of Ukraine "On Hunting and Hunting" and orders of the Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine of 01.10.2014 №383 «On approval of the issuance of a hunter and a record of taken control card game and violations of hunting "and from 07.02.2014 № 57" On approval of Instruction on selective shooting game animals. "

We offer hunters and members of the public to come together to assist the government in reforming hunting and preparing proposals to change current legislation. After all, practice (experienced hunters, professional hunting areas, hunting users, associations) for a legislative experience problems imperfections.

Proposals for legislative changes in hunting and offer to send an e-mail or post on the Association forum in "Hunting - Legislation" which will provide an opportunity to discuss.

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