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Burning dry vegetation - Ukraine prohibited by law

Driving along the Kyiv region 04-05.04.15, representatives of civil society organizations observed the fire of dry vegetation, which is a violation of applicable laws. Do not list how many in the media on this topic hosted a variety of articles, but still burned as offenders and continue to smoke.

The consequences of crimes and offenses on to vegetation is damage or destruction. In spring burning dry vegetation may be damaged trees, bushes, grass and flowers that have started to grow, may also destroyed or disposed rannokvituchi spring plants, all kinds of which are protected by law. Smoke pollutes the air that we breathe with you. In addition, dry grass often is garbage, hazardous incineration (plastic bottles, etc.). In the contaminated territories in the air with fire and smoke fall radioactive substances carried by wind over long distances and contaminate the clean area.

We can say that people who carry the burning of dry vegetation, do not realize that they do not know what punishment awaits them.

To date, the Code of Ukraine on Administrative Offences provides:

"Article 77-1. Unauthorized burning or residual

Burning stubble fields, meadows, pastures, areas of steppe, wetlands and other natural vegetation, vegetation or residual and fallen leaves on the agricultural use of the easement roads and railways, parks and other green spaces and lawns in towns without the permission of state control in the field of environmental protection or in violation of such authorization, as well as failure of a person who has received permission to burning vegetation specified or residual and fallen leaves, timely measures to extinguish them - punishable by a fine in ten to twenty times the income of citizens and officials - from fifty to seventy times the income.

The same acts committed within the territories and objects of natural reserve fund - punishable by a fine in from twenty to forty times the income of citizens and officials - from seventy to one hundred times the income.", ie offenses under Part 1 of the Administrative Code st.77-1 fine is for the citizens of 170 to 340 UAH. and for officials - from 850 to 1190 UAH; for offenses under Part 2. st.77-1 CAO is fine for citizens from 340 to 680 UAH. and for officials - from 1190 to 1700 USD.

Tougher penalties provided for the crimes in the Criminal Code of Ukraine:

"Article 245. The destruction of or damage to vegetation

1. Destruction or impairment of forests, green spaces around towns along the railway, and stubble, dry wild grasses, foliage or residues on agricultural lands by fire or other dangerous method - shall be punishable by a fine of three hundred to five hundred untaxed minimum incomes, or restraint of liberty for a term of two to five years, or imprisonment for the same term.

2. The same actions that caused death of people, mass death of animals or other grave consequences, - punishable by imprisonment for a term of five to ten years.".

All fire occur caused by man, but by the responsibility draw unit. The reason is the human factor: someone did not want to quarrel with a neighbor or fellow villagers, some silent, and some do not care. Everyone knows and silent, forgetting that the best teacher for a man - it is a community!

If you witness crimes or crimes against flora of the world - do not delay and do not be silent, and contact law enforcement authorities to identify offenders and bring them to justice!

Let's avoid damage and destruction of vegetation in Ukraine, but let's keep the surrounding environment! We will be conscious and rational users Natural Resources of Ukraine!

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